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2020 Festival
Masonic Samaritan Fund

Donate here to the Herefordshire 2020 Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival

The Festival - what can you do now?

Now that the Festival is fully under way there will be a programme of fund raising events of many kinds, which will be designed to be enjoyable as well as contributing to the collection.

Brethren are urged to take out a pledge to make a regular donation throughout the five years of the Festival - see below. You can also make a donation by clicking on the Festival logo at the top right of this page.


A significant part of the funds will be raised through individual Pledges - standing orders taken out by Brethren into the Festival account. These can be set up now - and we’d like as many Brethren as possible to set them up well before June 2015. Normally these would run for five years, with a payment made monthly, quarterly or annually, whichever suits you best. There is no lower or upper limit to the amount you pledge, and ‘without detriment to yourself or connections’ certainly applies.

However, if you pledge at least £250 over the five years you will qualify to wear the Festival jewel (see right). You can obtain the jewel, at a cost of £15, and wear it as soon as you have pledged to contribute £250 - there’s no need to wait for the Festival to start or until you’ve actually given that money.

If you pledge more, or if your pledged amount plus money you contribute through alms collections and any other donations exceeds certain amounts, you will qualify for a higher level ‘honorific’ as below. We will not be issuing modifications to the jewel when you reach these levels, but you will obtain a certificate from the RW Provincial Grand Master to mark your contribution.

Honorifics will be awarded as follows:

Vice-Patron - £500

Patron - £750

Grand Patron - £1,000

Lodges will also be awarded honorifics if the total contributions of their members, plus alms donated by visitors, pass specific levels.

Pledge forms are available now - speak to your Lodge Charity Steward.

Alms Collections

Of course not every Lodge alms collection has to be in favour of the Festival, but those that are, using the special Gift Aid envelopes, will be credited to the individual and to the Lodge where the meeting takes place.

Fund Raising Events

Once the Festival is under way, there will be a series of fund raising events. If you’ve got ideas for these, or want to help out, speak to your Lodge Charity Steward.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund is an excellent cause, and can potentially benefit ourselves or any of our Brethren who find themselves in difficulties and needing medical or dental treatment, respite care, mobility aids, or counselling. It does not only benefit Masons and their dependants, but provides grants for important medical research. To find out more about what they do, visit their website .